Konstantinos Kyranakis
32 anos

Konstantinos was born in Luxembourg, raised in Athens and Brussels where he obtained the European Baccalaureate. He earned his degree in Law at the University of Athens. and his Masters in Communication Management at the American College of Greece. He has worked as an advisor and speech writer to the Minister of Interiors, and a researcher in Nea Demokratia ‘s Political Planning Department.

He currently works as a Creative Partner in a New Media Agency focused on Digital Communication and Political Campaigning. Konstantinos was the International Secretary of ONNED and a member of the National Political Board from June 2010 until September 2012.

He has also managed 5 National University Election campaigns since 2008. He is a member of the LEAP team of campaign managers at the International Republican Institute and alumni of the Democrat Youth Community of Europe. He is the youngest ever elected president in the history of YEPP.